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Boyshort Gaff
Asälia S. (California, United States)
Great quality

Worked very well, gets rid of a bulge easily :)

Boyshort Gaff
Michael L. (Wellington, New Zealand)
Give me some more please.

Brillantly made lovely fit and a perfect size, keeping everything flat glad I brought the boyshort just feel like undies.
Would like to buy 2 more pairs, do you still have my measurements and could you tell me how much it will be to send to New Zealand.
Michael, one very happy customer

Side-Open Lycra Half Binder
Ander M. (Utah, United States)
Perfect fit

It’s really difficult to find a binder when the cup size is a nine inches different than the band size. The binder custom-made for me is a perfect size. It is so comfortable. I will say, it doesn’t really reduce my bust size much, but honestly my chest is so large that I didn’t really anticipate it would. I just wanted something comfortable to keep my chest in place and out of my consciousness, and this is perfect for that. It’s so comfy.

Lycra Half Binder
Sam (Quebec, Canada)
Amazing Fit, super cozy!

This being my first binder, i was a little warry of how it would feel and fit (especially considering i sometimes have dificulty breathing without wearing anything restrictive, and that i have very intense scensory issues) but i was pleasently surprised by the quality and comfort of this item. I love the fact that custom sizing is available because it jsut means these are more accessable for everyone. 100% recomend! i have not tried swimming with it yet, but the fabric does dry fast and it doesnt stick to my body even on warm and sweaty days.

Cheeky Boyshort Gaff
Nikhil o.m. (Västra Götaland County, Sweden)
Quality stuff

Although I received my product late due to covid shenanigans I am still very happy with the product I got.
It is nice and robust, fits snugly and holds everything in place for both a might tuck and a full one. Though I don't have much experience with tucking nor gaffs I can't say I have any complaints.
I usually wear it with any pants that require a bit of hiding the crothch area away and it's been nothing but good so far. The mesh really is nice for breathability and although it might not be as soft as other fabrics it's still comfortable.
Great experience with he product, mediocre with delivery but as I said covid got in the way so it's very understandabl.

Boyshort Gaff
Willow P. (Massachusetts, United States)
high quality and comfortable

much better than some other brands, stays in place

Mesh Bra Binder
RJ (Ontario, Canada)
Great binder, finally

I’ve tried about five or six different binders at least, including other custom options, and I have nearly always been disappointed. They either didn’t fit or were so tight I couldn’t get them on or they made me feel like I couldn’t breathe, or the straps were too loose and ended up bunching up on or falling off my shoulders. I ordered one of these in a custom size, and it fits perfectly – it is just snug enough to give good compression, and the straps fit my shoulders just right. I also made sure to include shoulder measurements in my order, because that’s been a problem in the past. The feeling of the material is also very nice – it feels smooth on the skin and not too heavy. I ordered the sand colour and it’s a bit lighter than the swatch online looks to me, but it works great still. Overall, it feels very well-made and I’m looking forward to wearing it more.

Tank Binder
Veronique L. (Quebec, Canada)
Tank binder just awesome

Fits easily and perfect.
Easy to wash.

Cheeky Boyshort Gaff
Riley M. (Ontario, Canada)
Great product

Amazing quality fits great and does its job well

Side-Open Mesh Half Binder
Quinn (Oregon, United States)
Comfy fit!

I really love this binder and have ordered two more! It's comfortable enough for daily wear and I also use it as a swim top. The only downside is the production/shipping time, which was extra delayed due to staff sickness and material sourcing. My body size actually changed during the delay (HRT and exercise over 2.5 months) and the binder wasn't as tight as I would've liked so I've ordered new ones in custom size. I think the smaller size might provide the higher compression I'm looking for. The side close is great for folks with big/strong shoulders and I'm able to leave the top few hooks open to put it on and then finish closing.

Lycra Bra Binder
Iz M. (Ontario, Canada)

Absolutely love this binder! As soon as you put It on you can tell and feel and was handmade with love. Fits great and feels great! Thank you for the best binder I have ever had

Strappy Bamboo Thong
Rose S. (British Columbia, Canada)

Comfortable, cute and keeps things flat!

Lycra Half Binder
Robin (British Columbia, Canada)
Comfy and convenient

I've been wearing my custom-sized binder almost every day for a few weeks now and it has been wonderful! I was worried that it wouldn't provide enough compression because of the stretchy material, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well it binds while still remaining flexible and comfortable. I'm about 250lbs with a decently large chest and this binder actually gets me surprisingly flat, especially under looser clothes which I typically wear. I've even gone swimming with this binder and it was fantastic, I felt so much more comfortable than I ever had before at the beach and the binder itself remained in place and didn't warp. Washing has been fine too, I put mine in the washer on cold or warm and then hang it to dry which ensures that the bind stays tight. All in all, if you're looking for a half binder, I would absolutely recommend this one!

Side-Open Lycra Half Binder
Beth H. (Pennsylvania, United States)
First Binder Experience

I've never had a binder before and I am so glad that I ordered my first from Origami Customs. I am so pleased with my custom binder and appreciate that custom measurements are a free option since many places would charge more for my size. The binder itself is comfortable and breathable while still providing medium-level support. A quality product and excellent customer service as well when I needed to change something about my order. I am looking forward to coming back for more gender-affirming products in the future.

Lycra Half Binder
Sophie B. (Ontario, Canada)

Considering i’m so big chested it does wonder to flatten and it fits like a glove, very comfortable considering it’s job. Looks like i’m down to a B cup but i couldn’t imagine anything else doing anymore binding without it being unsafe. Great purchase and worth the wait

Bikini Swimsuit Top
Lara S. (Saskatchewan, Canada)
Adjustable for a perfect fit

I don't have a conventional body shape, so I really appreciated how adjustable this bikini is. With a bit of tweaking after receiving it, I get perfect coverage and it looks cute too. Very happy with my purchase.

Lycra Half Binder
Heather P.
Mostly love it : )

I wasn't sure what to expect from a binder... It is a bit tight of course! I like that it doesn't ride up from the bottom, as sports bras tend to do on me. I love it when I am swimming or just hanging about. Playing pickleball for a couple of hours, it really built up the sweat... My covering tank top got pretty drenched, more than with other undergarments. On the whole, I am pleased to have made this investment. I love the color, the fit at the sides, and the very intentional way you packaged the product!

Cheeky Boyshort Gaff
Kimberly (Ontario, Canada)
Good product

Comfortable and functional. Took a long while to arrive, I think due to supply issues that appear to be resolved.
I'm happy with it.

Mesh Crop Tee
Jaq (Massachusetts, United States)

This crop top is sexy as hell and makes me feel so good about myself. The fabric is so silky and just the right level of sheer, and I love the length and cut. I feel so good wearing it in front of other people and my 41 year old masc self feels really happy and affirmed to be able to find sexy items of clothing beyond leather gear and tight jeans. Thank you for making this middle aged non-binary butch feel great as I head into my elder queer years!

Bamboo Hipster Undie
Sarah C. (Wisconsin, United States)
My favorites

These are the most comfortable pair of underwear I own. My only regret is that I can't wear them every day. As is a staple of my reviews, I also recommend getting the custom sizing!

High Waist Bamboo Thong
Sarah C. (Wisconsin, United States)
Super comfortable

This is my first thong and I am absolutely in love! Definitely recommend getting the custom fit as well.

Mesh Crop Tee
Abigail Y.
So good! Very cute!

This was a gift for my partner, and they love it. It fits them well and they look amazing in it! 10/10

Lycra Bra Binder
Andy (Quebec, Canada)
Great product! Thanks!

I love my blinder!

Bamboo Jock
carly b. (Ontario, Canada)
chef's kiss

these are the best things i have ever put on my nethers. theyre cozy and comfy and sex as hell. i wore them in hot pink to a dungeon and felt like extremely hot shit. you need these. your butt needs these.

Lycra Half Binder
Robin H. (British Columbia, Canada)
Really Nice!

I love the new binder! The fabric is really nice and smooth, and it fits like a glove. It’s a good balance between compression and comfort, so I can wear it at work as well as use it as a swim binder. Can’t recommend this one enough.