gender affirming gaffs with free custom sizing ethically handmade in montreal


Our gender-affirming compression gaffs can alter the way you see your body and exist in the world!

Choosing to wear a gaff is a deeply personal decision based in the desire to present as your beautifully authentic self. For people assigned male at birth but identifying otherwise, a gaff can be a transformative garment that helps you achieve a flatter, more feminized appearance.

Wearing a gaff can be an excellent way to treat body dysmorphia and anxiety around your presentation. It offers a sense of empowerment and self-expression by helping to minimize the visibility of male genitalia and creating a smoother silhouette.

Wearing a gaff can help give you more confidence and a positive body image. It helps you wear what you want and feel how you want, aligning your external presentation with your true gender identity.

What makes our gaffs special

Our gaffs are our best-selling products for a reason! We have a 4.8+ star rating from thousands of clients around the world! Our compression gaffs are designed to feel and look great, with high-quality materials and unique fashion technology.

We think we can confidently say that they have become *cult classics*

Whether it's your first time buying a gaff or you've been wearing them for years, our gaffs will raise your standards for what a quality, comfortable gaff should feel like.

Our gaffs are comfortable enough to wear all day. Alternative gaffs often feature a non-stretch panel in the front, which can quickly become uncomfortable over time. Origami Customs gaffs are made from our signature all-over power mesh. They can be safely worn all day, even for exercise and swimming!

We provide high-quality gaffs that won't lose their shape or stretch over time. They're made with a dense stretch panel throughout the interior. It offers great compression while allowing for mobility and flexibility for long-term wear.

We offer gaffs in various materials and styles to suit different body shapes, comfort, and sensory needs. Our various styles offer different levels of compression for safe gaffing during swimming, working out, or daily wear. Our perfect fit also helps reduce health issues.

Our gaffs are made exactly to your measurements at no extra cost. We're the only company on the market that offers free custom sizing so that your gaff will fit you perfectly. This custom fit makes them even more comfortable so you can safely wear them all day. We want you to able to gaff whenever you want, without worrying. And custom sizing is FREE!

Here’s how to select the right gaff for you!

There are two different things to know about your body before making a choice:

How round is your bum?


What shape are your hips?

We know there are infinite body shapes, but to make it simpler, we’ve organized it with three general bum shapes, and three general hip shapes

Remember, these are just suggestions- you are welcome to purchase any style you like

One special note: If you are someone with a longer torso, we would not recommend the hipster. It is designed with a low rise and so may end up being too short

For more info on gaffs, see here!

Very round bum/ Triangle hips

Best Fit: Thong, Cheeky

Wouldn't Recommend: Hipster, Boyshort, Cheeky boyshort

Very round bum/ Rectangle hips

Best Fit: Boyshort, Cheeky boyshort, Thong, High waisted

Wouldn't Recommend:  Cheeky

Very round bum/ inverted triangle hips

Best Fit:

Cheeky, Thong, High-waisted

Wouldn't Recommend: Hipster

Slightly rounded bum/ triangle hips

Best Fit: Thong, Cheeky

Wouldn't Recommend: Hipster

Slightly rounded bum/rectangle hips

Best Fit: boyshort, cheeky boyshort

Wouldn't Recommend: cheeky

Slightly rounded bum/inverted triangle hips

Best Fit: hipster, thong, boyshort

Wouldn't Recommend: cheeky boyshort

Not rounded bum/triangle hips

Best Fit: cheeky, thong

Wouldn't Recommend: hipster, boyshort

Not rounded bum/rectangle hips

Best Fit: hipster, thong

Wouldn't Recommend: boyshort

Not rounded bum/inverted triangle hips

Best Fit: hipster, high-waisted

Wouldn't Recommend: boyshort


Step into a world of unrivalled confidence with Origami Customs gaffs. Experience the liberating blend of comfort, style, and self-expression.

Our meticulously crafted compression gaffs redefine your journey, offering unparalleled wearability, from everyday activities to workouts and even swimming.

Embrace the transformative power of our custom-fit gaffs, where comfort meets individuality. Choose Origami Customs and unleash the boundless possibilities of self-assurance, every day.

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