gender affirming gaffs with free custom sizing ethically handmade in montreal

Looking for a compression gaff? Wether it's your first time buying a gaff or you've been wearing them for years, we've got many different styles that suit different body shapes.

These gender-affirming pieces can alter the way you see your body and exist in the world, and we are so glad to be offering them with free custom sizing to perfectly fit them to your unique shape!

What makes our gaffs special

Want a good quality gaff that you'll wear for years? Our gaffs are designed with quality, comfort and longevity in mind.

They even have a cult following now! With a 4.5 star rating and above, we've sold thousands of gaffs around the world.

A good gaff is one that feels great, makes you feel confident and comfortable, and works with the clothes you want to wear.

We have many styles to suit different body shapes, comfort and sensory needs, as well as offering different levels of compression.

Our compression gaffs don't lose their shape over time, due to a dense stretch panel throughout the interior. They can be safely worn all day, as well as for exercise and swimming. 

We want to make sure you stay comfortable and safe so that you can gaff whenever you want, without worrying!

Here’s how to select the right gaff for you!

There are two different things to know about your body before making a choice:

How round is your bum?


What shape are your hips?

We know there are infinite body shapes, but to make it simpler, we’ve organized it with three general bum shapes, and three general hip shapes

Remember, these are just suggestions- you are welcome to purchase any style you like

One special note: If you are someone with a longer torso, we would not recommend the hipster. It is designed with a low rise and so may end up being too short

For more info on gaffs, see here!

Very round bum/ Triangle hips

Best Fit: Thong, Cheeky

Wouldn't Recommend: Hipster, Boyshort, Cheeky boyshort

Very round bum/ Rectangle hips

Best Fit: Boyshort, Cheeky boyshort, Thong, High waisted

Wouldn't Recommend:  Cheeky

Very round bum/ inverted triangle hips

Best Fit:

Cheeky, Thong, High-waisted

Wouldn't Recommend: Hipster

Slightly rounded bum/ triangle hips

Best Fit: Thong, Cheeky

Wouldn't Recommend: Hipster

Slightly rounded bum/rectangle hips

Best Fit: boyshort, cheeky boyshort

Wouldn't Recommend: cheeky

Slightly rounded bum/inverted triangle hips

Best Fit: hipster, thong, boyshort

Wouldn't Recommend: cheeky boyshort

Not rounded bum/triangle hips

Best Fit: cheeky, thong

Wouldn't Recommend: hipster, boyshort

Not rounded bum/rectangle hips

Best Fit: hipster, thong

Wouldn't Recommend: boyshort

Not rounded bum/inverted triangle hips

Best Fit: hipster, high-waisted

Wouldn't Recommend: boyshort