Hey there! Are you interested in buying binders? Here are some things you need to know!

Breast binders are used to compress your chest tissue to create a flatter front under a shirt. Not all people love their breasts, and breast binding reduces the look and feel of having them. 

Compressing your breasts to get the silhouette you want can help you with body dysmorphia and help you feel great in your body. When done correctly, binding your breasts is safe and can be an excellent alternative to more invasive options like top surgery.

Our quality customs binders are safe and comfortable to wear every day. All our binders are sweat and swim-capable, so you can wear your binder to help you feel safe and affirmed while you work out or swim.

There are thousands of reasons that binders may make you feel great in your body! These gender-affirming garments help people of all ages, bodies, and genders to feel awesome, no matter what they are doing.

-Binders work by compressing the chest/breast tissue in order to redistribute the tissue into a shape that resembles the pectoral muscles. Compression breast binding may help to alleviate dysphoria in folks who want to achieve a more flattened or masculine appearance.

-Origami Custom’s binders with a free custom fit are comfortable, and compress the chest tissue in a safe way to make sure you stay healthy while feeling great in your body. Binders with stretch (such as ours) are safe to wear all day and when exercising. Binding should never be painful!

-Breast binders can also help to alleviate discomfort caused by larger breasts. 

Our binders are made with your health, safety, and comfort in mind. And we do custom sizing for free! 

Unlike most binder brands, Origami Customs’ binders do not restrict breathing. We build our custom binders with an allover power mesh that offers moderate binding with some flexibility to help you breathe and have a range of motion. 

With other binders, there is a nonstretch panel in the front and a very thin, stretchy panel in the back. This means when you first get them, they will feel very uncomfortable, and even hurt after a few hours. Then over time, they will stretch out and no longer fit. Origami Customs’ compression binders don't lose their shape over time, due to a dense high-quality stretch panel throughout the interior. 

Origami Customs is the only company on the market that offers custom sizing for your binder, FOR FREE! Having a binder that fits you perfectly will help with your range of motion, breathing, and comfort. Say goodbye to pinching and back pain! 

Our custom binders can be safely worn all day, as well as for exercise and swimming. Because of the quality, flexibility, and perfect fit, you can breathe and move easily. We want to make sure you stay comfortable and safe so that you can bind whenever you want, without worrying. 

Also- all of our binders just got a redesign! Our binders now feature: more even compression, flatter and more secure fit, comfortable hidden seams and smooth edges, more streamlined angled straps to ease tension on the shoulders and for a greater range of motion, and a shorter line to eliminate rolling.

-Make sure you stretch after wearing a binder for long periods of time. 

-Try not to wear a binder on long flights. 

-Make sure to wash your binder after every wear. 

-If you work out in your binder, try to shower as soon as possible (to prevent acne). 

-Refrain from binding if you have a respiratory illness. 

-For a FREE guide to pain-free binding, click here!

-Not sure which binder is right for you? Check out How to Choose a Binder.

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