Binders are gender-affirming garments that help people of all ages, bodies, and genders to feel more comfortable in their bodies by compressing the chest tissue.  

      Our binders are special in that they offer a safe and healthy bind, for all the ways you move!

      These swim and exercise-safe binders won't stretch out when you're in the water, and you don't need to take them off throughout the day like traditional non-stretch binders. We made sure to design them with comfort and safety in mind. 

      Get these binders custom fit to your unique body with our free custom sizing! They are always ethically made in Montreal. 

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      press kit for accessing gender affirming lingerie and swimwear custom size

      What Makes us Ethical?

      Here at Origami Customs we’re committed to being an ethical and sustainable clothing brand.

      We practice eco-friendly slow fashion and are focused on making sure that everything we do has a positive impact.

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