Answers to all your questions! Website walk-through and FAQs with Sam from Shrimp Teeth

Welcome to Origami Customs! Origami Customs is a queer and trans-run fashion brand that makes custom gender and body-affirming gear for our queer community. 

Today we interview the incredible Sam (they/ them), the poly and sex-ed blogger who runs the popular Shrimp Teeth site. (Go check them out!) As a non-binary person, they were interested in buying their first gender-affirming swimsuit from us. So we took it as an opportunity to do a site walk-through to answer some of our common questions. 

Whether you're new or just looking for tips and tricks, we’ll walk you through how to shop on our website and go through some Origami Customs FAQs! Here’s what you’ll learn-

  • Learn how to take your measurements for our FREE custom sizing

  • One of the things that make Origami Customs so special is that we offer FREE custom sizing with anything you purchase, so your items will fit you perfectly. While people often get confused about how to deal with custom-sized clothing, figuring out your perfect fit isn’t hard! We show you how to take measurements for our custom sizing on all our lingerie, swimwear, and gender-affirming gear. 

  • Learn everything you wanted to know about gender-affirming gear

  • Join us as we answer in-depth questions about our binders and gaffs. We answer questions like, “When and why should I wear a binder or gaff?” “Are binders safe?” “How does tucking work?” And many others! We wanted to answer your common questions about how to find the best trans and gender-affirming gear for your body.

  • Learn about our new option that makes our clothing even more gender-affirming

  • Rae and Sam will also walk you through Origami Customs’ revolutionary new technology for creating bottoms and underwear that fit ANY body. Learn about our new gusset option, what a gusset is, how they can accommodate any genitalia, and how to choose the one that’s right for you! 

  • Learn everything you want to know about Origami Customs

  • We also introduce you to our production team and answer your questions about why it takes a little longer to produce your bespoke made-for-you items. And lastly, we walk you through extras like our fabric options, gift registry, and extra tidbits about us. 

    While this video should answer everything you ever needed about Origami Customs, feel free to hit us with any remaining questions you may have. We love to hear from you. 

    As always, thanks for being here :)


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    • Dana (David) Simmons

      Thank you and much love for providing a safe and loving work environment, I will order soon, your models are lovely and I am have trouble determining the correct fit as I am a plus size girl.

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