For those of us who live in the diverse expanse of the gender spectrum, we are done being asked to be a part of a binary that just doesn’t work for us.

this year, we’re loving ourselves unapologetically

How often have you seen queer and trans people being celebrated and loved, exactly how they are? Let's take a second to appreciate all the folks out there who are boldly living and loving in their own beautiful ways.

All bodies are built differently. You don't have to be trans or plus sized to appreciate having custom clothing that fits your body perfectly.

Every single body is a specific shape and size, and you will be blown away by what it feels like to have something made JUST FOR YOU. All bodies are unique, and that's why we do custom sizing, for everyone, FOR FREE.

Origami Customs is the only brand that makes CUSTOM FIT gaffs. No more worrying about uncomfortable pinching or what to do if you're between sizes.

We build each piece to your exact measurements, so that you get a perfect fit, every time. 

New to custom fit clothing? You're not alone!

Custom-fit clothing is an anomaly in this standard-sizing world. That's what makes Origami Customs special. If you're feeling overwhelmed about where to start, come watch the website walkthrough with Rae and Sam.

They'll walk you through common questions like how to take your custom measurements, how the products are made, and reasons why you might choose a binder or a gaff.

Origami Customs is here to serve our community.

We began with the goal of helping as many people as possible feel good in their bodies. We are constantly striving to make the best and most supportive products for trans and body-diverse people everywhere.But don't just take our word for it! We have a 5 star rating from over 1500 people who have given Origami Customs amazing reviews, and we've been reviewed in dozens of incredible publications


Life Changing

Simply life changing! This quality garment allows me to finally feel like the person I am.

Serenity Finch

Love it!

I have no complaints, this is the binder of my dreams! Fits great, doesn't itch me at all! 

Momo Tanaka

“Heaven, I’m in heaven”

That’s how I feel when I put on these undies :). Be aware, once you try them you will never go back!


Incredible Tuck!

This is the best tuck possible for me- and it doesn't slip down or really show with tighter, shorter bottoms. excellent choice for swimsuit or bodysuit or bootyshort coverage!

Logan Long

As someone with a smaller chest, this binder offers all the compression I need without being overly constricting. I love that Origami makes everything to measure, I can't recommend their products enough!

Piper Curtis

Not everyone can afford custom gender-affirming gear. But here at Origami Customs we're committed to supporting our trans community, whether they can afford us or not.

 Having gender-affirming gear is a matter of safety and quality of life. That's why we've donated thousands of gender-affirming products to programs who get them to those who need them the most. Check out our community pages to apply for programs or to donate in support.

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