Our gaffs have gotten even better! We’ve updated the design of each style and added to the rise for a more flattering and functional fit. These improved styles compress as well as ever and are more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time!

      Mesh gaffs are compatible with tucking, as well as being used for moderate compression without a tuck to achieve a flattened front.  They feature a double-lined powermesh front and a semi-sheer single-layer back. 
      Compression gaffs will fit very tightly when you first get them, and will relax over the first few wears. 
      They can also be worn under a swimsuit.
      press kit for accessing gender affirming lingerie and swimwear custom size

      What Makes us Ethical?

      Here at Origami Customs we’re committed to being an ethical and sustainable clothing brand.

      We practice eco-friendly slow fashion and are focused on making sure that everything we do has a positive impact.

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