Choosing a Binder

Even if it’s not your first time buying a binder, this will help you to choose the best style choice based on your binding needs.

Binders are technical garments and when choosing a style, there are few things to remember.

  1. Not all binders will compress the same way. Some have more compression and some have less compression. Take a look at the list below for your ideal compression level!
  2. All of our binders are made with only stretch materials. We do this so that they are more comfortable and allow for more flexibility and breathing room. But this also means that there is a limit to how flat they can compress the chest.
  3. The more chest tissue a person has, the less able we are to create a completely flat front. 
  4. If you are choosing a binder with an opening, (Side Open Half Binder or Side Open Strapless Binder) it’s important to note that it does take some upper body strength to close the binder tightly around the body. 
  5. If you have large shoulders, we suggest a side-open style to make sure you can get it on and off easily. 
  6. If the difference between your chest and your ribs is 9 inches or more, we highly suggest a side-open style to make sure that the binder can be tight enough around your rib cage. (Example: Chest 39 inches Ribs 30 inches)

Highest Compression 

Half Mesh Binder


Medium-High Compression

Half Lycra Binder


Medium Compression

Mesh Back Tank Binder

Side Open Half Binder

Bra Binder

Honey Binder

Lowest Compression

Mesh Strapless Binder

Strapless Side Open Binder