All of our products have a custom size option FOR FREE! Here’s why it matters.

All bodies are created beautifully and differently. The fashion industry thinks you should be one of 5 sizes- from extra small to extra large. But even if your body generally fits into one of these sizes, the shape of your body will be utterly different than someone else's.

When you put on an item of clothing, there are several areas where it will touch and pull on your body (chest, ribs, waist, etc.) Every person will have slightly different measurements. That’s what makes your body unique! 

If you purchase something that’s a standard size, there’s no guarantee that it will fit you correctly. When it comes to undergarments, you’ll notice incorrect sizing a whole lot faster than most other types of clothing. Undergarments that are uncomfortable (or poor quality) will quickly be headed for the landfill, instead of lasting you a lifetime. 

If you’re someone who doesn't fit standard size, shape, or ability, then you already know how frustrating buying clothing can be. Nothing on the market is made to meet your unique needs, and you’ll probably have to buy several items just to find one that sort of works. 

At Origami Customs, we make each one of our items to order. When you send us your custom measurements, we don’t pull something off of a rack and ship it to you. Rather, our team of skilled sewers takes the basic pattern and adjusts it to meet your specific needs. 

We know that getting every single one of your measurements correct will create an item of clothing that you’ll want to keep forever. When your clothing fits you correctly you’ll feel a whole other level of comfort (and sexiness!) That's what keeps our clients coming back time and time again.

how to measure

Chest/Bust: Measure around the fullest part of the chest, with arms relaxed down at sides and without a bra. Keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor. Keep the tape comfortably snug but not tight, which will include measuring the space between the chest tissue. Do not squeeze the chest tissue flat.

Ribs/Underbust: Around your ribcage where a bra band sits. Measure on the exhale.  Make sure to measure under the breast tissue

Waist: Measure around natural waistline, which appears as a crease when bending to one side.

High Hip: Measure just over the hip bones, where the waistband of a low rise bottom would sit

Low Hip: Lift one leg to see the bend where the hip and leg meet. The low hip measurement is taken by measuring around the bum at this level. Keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor.

what to measure

Think of everywhere your piece will touch on your body.

Bodysuits: Chest, ribs, waist, high hip, low hip, girth (optional, see below)

Bras, Harnesses: Chest, ribs. Do not send your bra size

Low Rise Bottoms: High hip, low hip

High Rise Bottoms and Swim: High hip, low hip, waist, rise (optional, see below)

Binders: Chest, ribs, waist (measure unclothed)


High Rise Gaffs: Waist, high hip, low hip, rise (optional, see below)

Thong, Cheeky, Hipster Gaffs: High hip   

Boyshort Gaffs: High hip, low hip

Rise and girth

Rise is a measurement we use to determine if you need extra height or less height on a high waist bottom.

If you normally find that your high waist bottoms are too short or too tall you can send us this measurement for even more customization

You measure by pulling a tape measure through your legs snugly, measuring from the back waistband to the front waistband. Divide this by two.

Girth is the total circumference of your body.

We use this to tailor your body if you are outside our standard range for the size you are ordering. For example, if most of your measurements are close to a size large, but your girth measurement falls in a 2XL, send us your girth along with your other measurements so we can tailor this for you.

You measure girth by wrapping the tape measure all the way around your body, starting at a shoulder, going through the legs, and back to the same point. Most tape measures are not this long, so you can use a piece of string and measure this, or you can mark a point where the tape measure ends and then measure the rest of the way from this point.

Standard girth measurements for all our one- pieces, in inches:













Measurements are in inches


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How to take measurements- Masculine Wording

How to Take Measurements- feminine wording

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