Rae Hill, owner of Origami Customs gender affirming lingerie and swimwear in Montreal, Canada

Welcome to Origami Customs, a company that cares about you, because we are you. 

We know the amount of trust that's involved in making pieces that are so intimate. We know that it can be hard for someone, especially a trans or queer person, to talk about the very sacred and yet sometimes complicated needs of their body and how they want it to look and perform while in clothes.

We know this because our desire is the same as yours. To feel good in our bodies and present to the world in our most honest and whole-hearted way. 

Who we are

At Origami Customs, we're not just about crafting clothing - we're about creating empowerment. As a brand fully run and made by trans and queer individuals, we offer custom-fit swimwear and lingerie that truly understands the needs of your unique body.

Every product we have is handcrafted in Montreal by our tiny team of trans and queer individuals made up of diverse identities and needs. All of us bring our unique experiences to the table of this company. We all have meaningful experiences with the body-affirming gear that we make and sell. 

We actively produce fashion technology that supports our transgender and queer community (and anyone else who wants to feel good in their body!) 

the owner

The story begins with one person’s heart-based direction- to make affirming clothing for a community that doesn’t have access to them. Meet Rae (they/them), a Trans, Non-Binary and Queer person who cares deeply about the needs of their community. 

"This company initially started as a custom swimwear line for friends of mine who couldn’t find something to fit their real human bodies. What began as a fun project for friends eventually became my heart's mission as more of my queer community came to me for help. 

As a trans person who’s had trans partners and friends for decades, I am intimately aware of the lack of gender-affirming products out there for us. That’s why Origami Customs is committed to supporting your unique body, by offering new non-binary fashion technology and FREE custom sizing for everyone."

our mission

We strive to offer people of any size, shape, age, ability, and gender expression a safe way to have customized clothing items that meet their needs.

We are committed to using our platform to advance social activism and support diversity in the world. While we can't say that any company is truly anti-capitalist, we are trying our hardest to find a better way to be.

See our Ethics page for how we are striving to accomplish this! 

Locally Made

Every single one of our products is made by hand by our small team in our studio in the unceded traditional territory of the Kanien’kehá:ka (Montreal). We don't outsource anything!

community program

We have partnered with many community organizations around the globe to get necessary, affirming products to people with limited access, for free.We currently send out 400 affirming products per month to those with limited access.

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From The New York Times to Nylon, we've been featured in hundreds of publications.

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