We're Back!


June 18 update: Y'all are amazing, and we keep getting flooded with orders! Taking the weekend off to regroup, but we'll be back next week!

Thank you everyone for your patience! After two weeks without orders coming in, we were able to catch up on our lineup and give ourselves a bit of a break from the pressure.

As you may know, since Covid19 started, all five of us have been working overtime to keep up with production from our own sewing spaces. Navigating transfers and material sharing proved to be very difficult. Tristan, our superstar (if you've ever had email communication that just made you feel so *seen*, it was from them!)  is recovering well from an emergency appendix removal. Scary stuff!

While we are still struggling to fulfill orders at the speed that we are used to, we seem to have settled into a rhythm. Our wait time is still 3-6 weeks but we hope to lower this soon.

With regard to the international protest movement against police brutality against Black and POC, we would like to say that we firmly support the people who are doing this monumental work to abolish the police state. Individually, we are helping in our communities the best we can, and as a business, we are donating over a thousand dollars to US and local Black-led organizations. 

Again, thanks for seeing our team as real people, who are trying our best during extreme upheaval to keep bringing you products that make you feel awesome in your body. 

As always, keep safe, and take care of each other.







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