Thank You For Your Queer Joy!

Photo by XPOZD photography of a dancer in bubbles wearing a mesh crop bra from Origami Customs

We know that Pride month comes with a whole host of complicated feelings these days. It’s hard to celebrate when our rights are being threatened and we feel scared. It’s difficult not to feel exhausted when we see all these unethical corporate sponsors preying on us for our buying power, or withdrawing support entirely. 

Sometimes it’s good to talk about all of the challenges we’re facing as a community. (You can read last year's blog on that here.) Many of the things that we’re facing right now are challenging and scary. And in light of everything that’s going on, we may not feel like dressing up in rainbows and going to dance when our hearts are heavy. 

Meme about rainbow-washing corporate sponsorship vs. Pride being a riot

Honestly, I felt a little silly going to Pride this year. It seemed a little senseless and cavalier in light of everything going on. But when I got there I suddenly remembered WHY it’s important to go. As soon as I was surrounded by my community it reminded me that I’m not alone. That my identity isn’t just a source of conflict, but something beautiful I have to share with the world. 

I heard a great quote the other day that said, "Pride is important because someone tonight believes they’re better off dead than being themselves." (Calavia-Robertson) And while the first Pride was a riot, and activism is important, it’s also good to remember that gathering in celebration is important too. 

We need to remind each other that each and every form of queer identity is awesome and that our community is BEAUTIFUL. Every single person in their unique journey deserves the space to express their true self in a place of safety and JOY. 

So rather than a blog talking about the challenges we face, we wanted to take a second to showcase some of the joy that we’ve been seeing from some of our incredible clients lately. The only reason we have this company is to help people feel amazing in their bodies and their identities, so today, we’re going to take a moment to celebrate how amazing you all are! 

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