Updates on Swimwear and More!

It was staff dress up day: Disney theme!


Hey folks!

Lots is happening over here , and we wanted to keep you in the loop since we have been getting a lot of questions. 

First off, Covid-19 restrictions are very real here in Montreal, and we are still working at limited capacity (and with a curfew). We are also still understaffed (hiring during a pandemic turned out to be quite a challenge!). So while we are able to maintain the current production and wait time, we aren't able to go beyond the current offerings.


Wait time remains around 8 weeks for most pieces, and mesh compression gaffs are around 6 week (unless you ordered something at the same time that takes longer). Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your patience. 


We have filled one position and are still looking for one full- time sewing person to join the team. You can read about the position here. 


Sadly we are not able to offer swimwear this year. Our suppliers are not stocking the materials we need, and we are understaffed for production. We REALLY wanted to be able to release a small collection in time for summer, but sadly this is beyond the scope of what we can safely do, while keeping the same wait times. 


We can't take on any new products that aren't listed on the website. What we CAN do are small alterations to current products, like changing the cut or adding hooks to a binder, etc. 


Our suppliers have sadly sold out of black binder mesh. While we source a new supplier, we will be sold out until further notice. 

You can still get a lycra binder in black, with the interior mesh layers in bone or sand. 


We've appreciated y'alls contribution in tips SO MUCH. We want to be transparent about how we use them! Half goes to the studio fund, where we pick up necessary equipment and get ourselves a staff dinner once a month! The other half goes to a community organization which we select as a team. You can see which org's we choose here. If you want to suggest another one, please message us.


Most shipping services are still delayed across the world. Please be aware of this and check your local carrier's website for additional information. 

Because of this, we are no longer offering untracked international shipping, due to items being frequently lost or delayed. 

Now, The Exciting News!

We are moving into our first industrial studio space in June! This will allow us to pick up the new industrial machines that we badly need, and allow our whole team to safely work together while following the Covid-19 guidelines. We are currently renovating the space, which will be a huge undertaking!

We've also welcomed a new addition to the team, Val (they/them), who we are so excited to have!

Lastly, I (Rae) got married this month! In true Covid fashion, in a very small and meaningful ceremony and a distanced picnic in the park with friends.  I was so grateful to take a full week off (for the first time in a year!) to have a little "honeysun" away with my sweetheart, Dibs <3

As always, take care of yourself and your loved ones.



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