High Waist Hipster Shapewear Gaff
High Waist Hipster Shapewear Gaff
High Waist Hipster Shapewear Gaff
High Waist Hipster Shapewear Gaff
High Waist Hipster Shapewear Gaff
High Waist Hipster Shapewear Gaff
High Waist Hipster Shapewear Gaff
High Waist Hipster Shapewear Gaff
High Waist Hipster Shapewear Gaff
High Waist Hipster Shapewear Gaff

High Waist Hipster Shapewear Gaff

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Want a little tummy compression while you’re flattening your front? Try our gender-affirming High Waist Gaff in hipster cut! It’s perfect for anyone looking for compression underwear or a slight girdle.

The double-meshed compression front goes all the way to the waist so it will flatten your tummy as well as your bits. The waistband is made out of stretch mesh with no elastic, so it won’t cut in but will stay comfortable all day. The High Waist Gaff is perfect as a compression gaff or as shapewear.

  • This gender-affirming High Waist Shapewear Gaff has a double powermesh mesh panel in front for our highest level of compression without sacrificing comfort and breathability.
  • The back of this gaff has a single layer of mesh for that sexy sheer look.
  • You can wear this High Waist Shapewear Gaff with or without a tuck. (they’re shown on our models in black with a tuck and in white without).
  • You can get custom sizing on this gaff FOR FREE! We are the ONLY brand on the market making custom-fit gaffs, which drastically changes the comfort of your garment. 
  • Choose your size of gusset (the piece that’s between the legs) for a perfectly unique fit. 
  • This gaff is safe to exercise and swim in, since all the materials are stretchy and swim-safe. 
  • All our gaffs have over 4.8 stars across more than 1.5k reviews! 

If you’re not sure what to order, read our guide here. And if you want to learn more about how we get gaffs to transfemmes who face access barriers, you can read about our community program here.

If you’re looking for non-compression custom underwear, try any of our undies for everyone!

All of our products have a custom size option FOR FREE! See the Full guide (with videos!) HERE


Chest/Bust: Measure around the fullest part of the chest, with arms relaxed down at sides and without a bra. Keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor. Keep the tape comfortably snug but not tight, which will include measuring the space between the chest tissue. Do not squeeze the chest tissue flat.

Ribs/Underbust: Around your ribcage where a bra band sits. Measure on the exhale.  Make sure to measure under the breast tissue

Waist: Measure around natural waistline, which appears as a crease when bending to one side.

High Hip: Measure just over the hip bones, where the waistband of a low rise bottom would sit

Low Hip: Lift one leg to see the bend where the hip and leg meet. The low hip measurement is taken by measuring around the bum at this level. Keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor.


Think of everywhere your piece will touch on your body.

Bodysuits: Chest, ribs, waist, high hip, low hip, girth (optional, see below)

Bras, Harnesses: Chest, ribs. Do not send your bra size

Low Rise Bottoms: High hip, low hip

High Rise Bottoms and Swim: High hip, low hip, waist, rise (optional, see below)

Binders: Chest, ribs, waist (measure unclothed)


High Rise Gaffs: Waist, high hip, low hip, rise (optional, see below)

Thong, Cheeky, Hipster Gaffs: High hip   

Boyshort Gaffs: High hip, low hip


We ship internationally.

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Occasionally, items do get held or checked by customs, as is normal for international shipping. We can not be held responsible for these inconsistencies, and we appreciate your understanding.

Custom and duties fees are not included in our pricing and are the sole responsibility of the buyer.If a package is not picked up, or the duty is not paid and it is returned to us, we will ask you to cover re-shipping fees if you wish to have it re-sent. Please do so within eight weeks of us contacting you.  Otherwise, your order will be donated to those in need. 

Please note that untracked, uninsured shipping options like Small Packet are not eligible for refund or replacement in the event of loss or delay. 

Everything you might be wondering- read it HERE

We’ve come up with a system where you can now select the gusset width on every bottom. Which basically helps let us know how much room we build into any garment.

You can now select from:

Narrow: "Standard" fit undies, usually found in a "women's" section.

Wide: The way we make all of our mesh gaffs already. Room for a penis, tuck or not. Also great if you have a vulva and want a bit of extra room.

Roomy: A bit more than the wide fit. For folks with a bit more down there, or a comfier fit without a tuck.

Read more

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
So worth it

It took a bit longer than expected to arrive but it was absolutely worth the wait. The fit and material are amazing and I’m so happy with it

Reverend M.
The best underwear on the market for hung women

This is the best underwear I own. Other pairs leave me spilling out the sides, causing painful chafing and sending me to the nearest restroom, or making awkward adjustments in public

But not these! The high waisted OC gaff leaves me safe and secure. And the double layered compression fabric is both breathable and secure, smoothing out bulges and locking my tuck in place.

Additionally, the high waist allows for a more comfortable "tuck up" which works well in jeans and other thick fabrics. I can only forget I'm tucked when wearing this amazing gaff!

The only caution is sizing! I originally bought a size L earlier in my medical transition, but after a few months my butt grew so much that I was an XL. Wearing one size too small was fine for a few hours, but the fabric eventually dug into my skin, and I had to change.

I have no regrets, but budget conscious transfemmes/transbutches may want to ensure your fat redistribution has stabilized before making this most wonderful investment! Measure your proportions early and often!

Rhiannon L.F.F.
great underwear

I totally love it

Abigail P.
my new undies

Love the high waist gaff underwear. I wear them all the time. They are a big confidence boost, especially when I'm wearing tight skirts! They were so worth the wait.


Got the custom fit option, and may have gotten it a bit small, but after a bit of wear it felt perfect on me!!

Have since ordered 2 more in the same size :))

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