Core Swim

We’re re-launching our gender- and body-affirming swimwear after a 3-year hiatus and these pieces are going to REVOLUTIONIZE your swim game!

This swim collection is the first of its kind ANYWHERE. You have no idea the amount of work and innovation it took to make a swimwear line that could support anybody. But we did it! Our design team spent three years crafting, testing, and innovating creative manufacturing techniques to make sure this was going to be the BEST thing we could possibly offer our customers!

No matter your body or gender, these pieces will support YOU. Each piece is designed with our revolutionary universal fit and gentle support. And custom sizing is always free, so your swimwear can fit you perfectly. 

Hidden seaming and flat edges make these suits perfectly smooth and comfortable. Many pieces have multiple ways to wear them, ensuring you get the most out of your piece. Each piece is lined with powermesh (used in our gaffs) to lightly support- adding lift to the tops, smoothing on the body, and light compression if being worn as a gaff.

These gender and body-affirming swimwear are unlike any other, and we're so excited to help you rock your swim body this summer!

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