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If you’re someone who’s recently gone through top surgery, first of all, congratulations! What an incredible step that you’ve taken to feel more at home in your body. You’ve participated in the difficult process of finding and receiving this intense procedure and you feel like you’ve gotten over that hurdle. But then you find a new hurdle- the overwhelm of how to start your healing journey after surgery. 

As we see with many facets of trans life, the correct information on post-operative recovery is a little lacking. For people recovering from chest masculinization surgery, there's a noticeable absence of well-informed resources. (Unlike other medical procedures where extensive protocols and research are readily available.)

But when it comes to your top surgery recovery, we know you want well-established guidelines and peer-reviewed research. You want to know things like how much rest you need, what stretches you should do to not lose mobility, the right things to do to heal and build your muscles, and how not to increase your top surgery scarring. 

The lack of clear post-operative guidance is frustrating, and you find yourself scouring the internet for reliable sources on how to heal from top surgery. Trust me, you’re not alone. This reality isn’t just challenging for patients but presents issues for professionals like personal trainers and physiotherapists, who play a crucial role in aiding recovery. In the absence of clear protocols, it's often up to the individuals to figure out steps to recovery.



Well, I’m pleased to announce that I have s solution for you. As some of you may know, my spouse Dibs is a personal trainer with over a decade of experience. They specialize in training bodies with unique challenges, especially trans bodies. (Yeah, I know. We’re a trans power couple.) They’re non-binary and have gone through top surgery themselves, so they have personal experience healing from it. 

As a certified adaptive & inclusive trainer who works with trans people, and as someone who’s had the procedure, Dibs is intimately aware of the knowledge gap that exists around healing from top surgery. So they began their passion project. They decided to make an online training course about it and worked for over a year juggling full-time hours with clients in their regular personal training business.

Dibs achieved something incredibly unique. They've created a course that fills the void left by the lack of peer-reviewed research and protocols for post-operative recovery from chest masculinization surgery. And they’ve finally launched their course, "Heal & Thrive: Recovery After Top Surgery,".

Designed for individuals undergoing various forms of chest masculinization, as well as for those working with post-op patients, this 10-module program gives you everything you need to know for how to heal from top surgery. And it’s all online, so you can do this training program anywhere. 

The self-paced online course is made for diverse learning styles, focusing on making the path to healing accessible and achievable. In this program, you will learn invaluable scientifically-backed insights on safe ways to heal, such as: 

  1. Safe movement strategies from the day of your surgery.
  2. Deep understanding of the healing process, including scar care.
  3. Detailed plans with video demonstrations of exercises that support your new body and boost your confidence. You can continue to use these even after you’re fully healed!
  4. Ways to focus on body-positivity and self-care so you can love the skin you’re in.

What sets this course apart is that you won't be learning from just one source. Dibs collaborated with experts in various fields to provide up-to-date knowledge and information to support both your physical and mental healing. The team includes:

  • An athletic therapist from
  • A massage therapist and scar work specialist from @healing.resistance.bodywork
  • Two trans designers, each offering insights on topics like loving your body and finding your new style, from and @origamicustoms (that's us!)
  • A herbalist to give tips on healing, Megan Mullally

That's not all! As a part of the program, Dibs will host monthly live Q&A group coaching calls for new clients, where you can ask questions and get personalized guidance. The goal and heart of this online course is to give you a comprehensive guide to healing your body after top surgery, so you can feel more like yourself even sooner.

We know that figuring out how to heal may feel complicated now, but that’s why Origami Customs always wants to support you in whatever way we can. Through education, community programs, garments that support you, or through promoting incredible programs like this. Together, we're bridging the gap in post-op recovery resources for top surgery, empowering individuals to heal and thrive after their transformative journey.

Check it out here!

Ps. If you're thinking about top surgery and want something to support you in the meantime, make sure you try "4 Weeks to Optimal Top Surgery Results"


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