Custom Plus size Swimwear Review

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We recently got a chance to send some swimwear and lingerie to Corissa Enneking from  Fat Girl Flow- an awesome blog that I've been following for years.  Now she's also offering the "The Full Circle Body Liberation Course", which looks awesome!

 It's not just about body positivity- she's been championing for trans rights alongside us and so many others. So naturally it made sense to ask if she would review some of our goods!

Our in-house designer Kita custom-made her these pieces according to her measurements, even chatting on Zoom to make sure they were on the same page for taking some of those tricky measurements!

This custom sizing is something that we do for free with all of our clients- so you can make sure you're getting the perfect fit, no matter where you're ordering from. And there are never any size caps or fat tax!

The end result is something that we're really proud of- and that Corrissa obviously was happy to share with her audience. 

Are there any other bloggers you'd like to see review our stuff? Leave a comment below!


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