This is Getting Ridiculous! 🤯 😭 An Update for Open Orders

The gods (if there are gods) are smiting us. ⛈😭 Most of you already received an email about your late orders due to material shortages. (Thank you for your patience!) Well, since then, our luck has only gotten worse. 

Our incredible sewer Tamara is the one person in the studio who sews the binders. Well, last week she broke her wrist. Then Branda, (who cuts our gaffs and ships your orders) had a partner go into the hospital with appendicitis and then her child got sick. 

Some of you noticed that I had stopped writing emails and blogs the last couple of weeks. It's because I had been desperately sewing your orders myself, as well as trying to train a new (incredible!) person to make the binders while Tamara is at home. AND THEN, my partner Dibs got sick with covid. Meaning that I've had to self isolate all week and couldn't go into the studio. 🤯

Do you know how many people are in the studio right now? NOT ENOUGH! 😂

The only thing keeping us from collapsing into a pile of sad is YOU. Your understanding and support for our tiny little team is all that’s keeping us going right now.

Unlike all those big companies out there, when something happens to our staff we can’t just outsource to some other factory. All of your orders are made by our little committed team of 7 people. We don't have pre-made stock to send you, and we don't have backups for our production!

We're nearly caught up to our normal 6-8 week wait time now. We've got *hundreds* of orders going out each week, so watch for your shipping email coming soon!

Thank you SO MUCH for continuing to be patient and support us, even as we go through all these frustrating hiccups. Your purchase and kindness to our team helps directly support your queer community. (That’s us! 🙏🏻) We’re struggling right now, but we’re so grateful that you have our back. ❤️

The whole Origami Customs team xx


  • Amber Skye

    When it rains, it pours.

    So sorry that you have such a hard time, sending you lots of energy and love!
    Thanks for doing your best, but please spare some time for yourself 💙

  • Mihira

    Love you all. I wish everyone a speedy recovery and the best of health!

  • Christina

    Sending the most incredible amount of healing love to the entire team right now! Don’t forget to rest amidst the chaos!

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