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Tank Binder

These binders are absolutely wonderful. I love how they don't have bands at the bottom that roll or cinch. The compression level is impressive for my considerable chest size, and the weeks were worth the wait. I adore wearing them, and they completely help change my shape - even though my figure is rather curvy. They were kind enough to answer my inquiry about my order too, when I became a bit anxious after about five or so weeks. I'd 100% return for more.

Cheeky Gaff
Abigail P.
So cheeky!

I love the flirty fit! Especially when i wear something thin and tight. The lines on my "cheeks" draw the perfect amount of attention to my assets.

Took a long time, but worth the wait!

The quality was even higher than expected! The fit is wonderful and very flattering! It is by far the best gaff I own. After buying numerous products from different manufacturers, I was growing frustrated with the lack of quality available. I was worried about recycled materials not being ideal for a gaff, but they chose a fantastic fabric for the application. Origami customs did take longer than the original estimate for production, but I reached out to the team to ask for an update. They were super nice, and they explained they had people out sick for sometime. Within a day or two of emailing, my order shipped. Pricing is higher than other options, but it is reflected by the quality of materials and craftsmanship. Highly recommend

So worth it

It took a bit longer than expected to arrive but it was absolutely worth the wait. The fit and material are amazing and I’m so happy with it

Excellent service and great gaff

There were several issues with dispatching my order that turned out to be due to Canada Post. Rae was incredibly helpful in resolving all of my issues, and they were very communicative through the whole process.

When I finally received my gaffs I was blown away by the quality. They’re sexy, they fit perfectly, and they’re very affirming. I’ll definitely be coming back to order more products in the future, and I’ll be recommending Origami Customs to my friends as well 🙂

It's super comfy and everything is secured 😊

Cheeky Gaff
Jillian H.
So satisfied!

I love my gaffs! They're well made, fit great, and I'm way more comfortable out in public now. Wait time was a bit long, but my inquiries were answered promptly. I highly recommend Origami Customs!

Cheeky Gaff

These are absolutely amazing. super breathable, comfortable, and even without tucking do a great job compressing—and with a tuck it looks great.

Great but...

Excellent fit. I can basically wear whatever I want.
The tucking is comfortable although the material is a bit rough, as stated by others.

However the issue for me is that on 2 shorts (over an order of 4) some threads have started to come loose, and I can tell the fabric is not going to last long.
It is unfortunate given the fact they were custom fitted and shipped overseas, I can't replace them easily :D

great, but layers roll over eachother

I am happy with this product, perfect sizing, comfortable, fun. However as I said in the title, the way it is designed, the layers roll over eachother, making a look and form that is irregular and constantly needs adjusting. I think this could be fixed with a brim around the leg holes

Tank Binder

LOVE THIS BINDER!!! Wait time was pretty long but it was worth it. It’s very breathable and feels lightweight. The straps come off in the back (they don’t detach completely), which makes it easier to get on.
When I first tried to get it on, it felt very small and I had to struggle a bit to get into it. But once I figured it out, it felt great! I’m a DDD, and this is definitely some of the best results I’ve ever gotten.

Hipster Gaff
Alexander H.

Bought as a surprise gift for wife (transfemme), who is always complaining that regular undies don't hold everything in place. She has a slimmer figure with a bit above average endowment, but they fit perfectly and she loves them!
Worth the expense. Would buy again!


Incredibly comfortable. I went with a standard size and it took about 2 months to ship, but it was truly worth it. I have a bigger chest but when I wear it, you'd never know.

Super comfortable and easy to wash


These are so soft and comfortable! I look and feel great in them, too. There was an issue with the fabric I had wanted running out, but they reached out with other options and were helpful in solving that problem.


I picked the custom sizing, it fits beautifully! The material is comfortable and was well made. I'm excited to continue wearing it!

Ortie Gaff Thong

Fantastic feel and look nice love this brand will buy from again and actually give them measurements

The best

Works better than anything else I’ve tried. Comfortable and sleek. Just perfect :)

Best Christmas present ever

Kid #2 had tried a bunch of different binders and nothing was quite right. We ordered them a custom size, and it has been night and day since they opened it Christmas Day. The comfort they have personally with the fit has translated into happier teen. They feel like they look flat chested, their confidence level has sky rocketed, and they aren't hiding in massive oversized hoodies, but wearing tailored clothes that fit that flatter chest. They have been very happy with how well it washes, the fabric's feel and how it doesn't get out of place when they move around a lot. They are saving up for another one instead of buying game merch, that's how much they like it.

Thong Gaff

Not really working …

A normal pantie work better :/

High Waist Shapewear Gaff
Rhiannon L.F.F.
great underwear

I totally love it

Cheeky Gaff
best gaffs

comfy and breathable gaffs, always fit well and hold good without being too tight

fits great

always a great fit from here, goes well with the other mesh piece

great quality

comfy and looks cute, fits great like always from here. really soft material

Great product, have been using it nearly every day for a year now and there is no damage at whatsoever. If done right, the tuck is absolutely astonishing and you might not even notice that you’re wearing It with how comfortable it is.

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