Origami Customs is a sustainable clothing brand.

Being an ethical and sustainable fashion brand means that we are focused on the common good, instead of just profits. It means that we see ourselves are part of an ecosystem, where we can have a positive impact. It means that we are committed to choosing the most ethical solution, every time. And It means that we will constantly be growing and striving to do even better.

What We’re Doing-

Gender and Body Affirming

We make custom clothing for people of any size, shape, age, ability, and gender expression. 

Custom adjustments are FREE, to support accessibility. 

We are actively producing fashion technology that supports our transgender community. 

We constantly strive to remove the gender binary in how we present our products.

We promote that all bodies are absolutely beautiful, just the way they are!


From fabric choices to hiring practices to the physical studio itself, we take into account not just the environmental impact of our actions but the ethical and social ramifications, as they are intrinsically tied. 

The main component of our community sustainability action is supporting Indigenous sovereignty organizations working to return the land to its original stewardship. We feel that this is by far the largest step we, as settlers, can take to offset our environmental impact. 

We use hyperlocal manufacturingeverything is designed and sewn in Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal by a small team and a partner co-op.

Fabrics are chosen for their sustainability and are often:


-Locally milled

-Recycled polyester 

-Regenerative bamboo and modal

as an ethical brand, we supoprt community programs grassroots initiatives and local organizations 


We realize we reside in Montreal, Canada on unceded Tio'tia:ke land. The main component of our community sustainability action is supporting Indigenous sovereignty originations working to return the land to its original stewardship.

We buy from small, family-owned businesses whenever possible. 

We partner with community organizations to get necessary, affirming products to people with limited access.

Ethical Labour

Employees are paid a competitive wage and have more than average sick days, menstruation days, as well as comprehensive health benefits.

The diverse identities within our team are supported and encouraged. 

We care about emotional support for our employees just as much as physical support and support each other as community members as well as individuals.

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