why get a binder?

We know that not everyone who’s born with breasts loves having them. If this is you, you’re not alone! Many people desire a flatter chest and find that wearing a compression binder is a great solution to help you feel comfortable in your body.

Chest binding can be an excellent way to treat body dysmorphia and the anxiety or depression associated with having breasts. Breast binding can also be a cheaper and safer alternative to top surgery or a first step in deciding if top surgery might be right for you. 

Wearing a compression binder will compress your chest tissue to create a flatter front. While you can achieve the silhouette you desire with an Ace bandage or a cheap binder, a poor-fitting compression system can cause breathing problems, rib bruising and fractures, chest and back pain, overheating, and skin irritation.


We’ve created binders that don’t constrict your breathing. We make our custom binders with an allover power mesh that offers moderate binding while allowing for some flexibility. Our binders let your ribs expand when you breathe.

Our compression binders are comfortable due to a dense stretch panel throughout the interior. With other binders, there is generally a nonstretch panel in the front and a very thin, stretchy panel in the back. This makes them uncomfortable and even painful after a few hours.

We provide high-quality binders that don’t lose their shape over time. Cheaper binders stretch out through wear and no longer fit. Because we make our products with a full stretch panel and high-quality products, you won’t have to replace them after a few months. 

We offer binders in various materials and styles so that you can have the perfect binder for swimming, working out, or daily wear. We want you to stay comfortable and safe so you can bind whenever you want, without worrying!

THE BEST PART IS- Our binders are custom made exactly to your measurements at NO EXTRA COST! We're the only company on the market who does custom sizing for free! This custom fit makes them even more comfortable so you can safely wear them all day. A perfect fit also helps reduce health issues. 


Make sure to choose a binder that fits you correctly. It may be tempting to size down for that super flat look, but wearing a binder that's too small can affect your health.

A binder that's too small it can affect your breathing, making things uncomfortable and potentially impacting your respiratory health. It can cause chest and back pain, bruising, overheating because of restricted airflow, and skin irritation from all the pressure. So finding the right fit for your binder is key for a safe and comfy binding experience!

At Origami Customs we do FREE custom sizing to your exact measurements so your binder will be as safe as possible!Check out our sizing guideto learn how to measure yourself for the perfect fit.

Every person is different, and the larger your chest is, the harder it will be to get a flat front. We try our best to show each style in various body shapes so that you know exactly what you can expect.

Below we've ranked our binders in order of the compression they provide, so you can choose the level of compression based on the silhouette you're aiming for.

1. If you have more prominent shoulders, we suggest a side-open style to make sure you can get it on and off easily.
2. If you are choosing a binder with a side opening, it’s important to note that it does take some upper body strength to close the binder tightly around the body.
4. If the difference between your chest and your ribs is 9 inches or more, we highly suggest a side-open style to ensure that the binder can be tight enough around your rib cage.

Yes! Poorly made binders are not always safe to be active in. But here at Origami Customs we make binders that are safe enough to swim and exercise in, without constricting breathing or causing discomfort. And all the materials are swim and sweat safe and made to last!

1. Give yourself breaks if you're wearing a binder for a long time, and make sure to stretch!
2. We don't recommend wearing a binder on long flights or for extended travel.
3. Washing your binder after every wear will help keep your binder and you fresh and comfortable.
4. Showering as soon as possible after exercising will help prevent unwanted skin issues like acne.
5. Don't bind if you have a respiratory illness or are experiencing difficulty breathing.

CLICK HERE for a free guide on pain free binding!

Here are how our binders compare!

Highest Compression

Unlike many other binder options, you can safely wear our high-compression binders all day long. They offer high support with a flexible, healthy bind.

Mesh Half Binder

Side Open Mesh Half Binder

Medium- high compression

These binders are perfect if you want to wear a binder every single day. They offer a great level of compression while remaining comfortable during workouts, swimming, and all the ways you move.

Lycra Half Binder

Side Open Lycra Half Binder 

Mesh Bra Binder

Mesh Tank Binder

Medium Compression

These binders offer moderate compression, with more varied designs and often less coverage. This is ideal if you don't want your binder to show under your clothes, you don't need high compression, or you don't like the feel of thick straps.

Tank Binder

Lycra Bra Binder

light compression

These top are included here, although *technically* they are not binders.

We offer them as super-comfortable, soft options for folks who want some compression (like a sports bra) but with a longer, binder-style cut. They sensory-friendly due to the hidden seams and buttery soft lycra. And you can choose two colors on our reversible top! It's a win-win!

Reversible Lycra Soft Binder

Swim Crop

Want to Get Wet?

Contrary to what you've been told, you can TOTALLY swim in a binder! Our binders are different becuase they are 100% safe to swim and play in. The allover stretch doesn't restrict your breathing, and the swim-safe materials hold up, even in chlorine and salt water.


Embark on a journey to newfound confidence with our specially designed chest binders, crafted to enhance your comfort and elevate your self-assurance. Whether you're seeking a compression binder for a flatter chest, a custom-fit binder tailored precisely to your measurements, or a versatile binder for daily wear, swimming, or working out, we've got you covered.

Experience the transformative power of our binders that prioritize your well-being. By choosing our high-quality binders, you're investing in lasting comfort and safety, mitigating the risks associated with poor-fitting alternatives. Imagine a day where you can confidently wear your binder without worrying about breathing problems, rib bruising, or discomfort.

At Origami Customs, we go beyond just providing binders; we offer you a pathway to embrace your true self. Feel the freedom of expression and the joy of being in a body that aligns with your identity. Discover the perfect binder for your needs and take a step towards a life unburdened by limitations.

Unleash the boundless possibilities that come with feeling great in your body. Choose confidence, choose comfort – choose Origami Customs for a transformative binding experience.

Choisir un binder

Même si ce n'est pas la première fois que vous achetez un binder, cela vous aidera à choisir le meilleur style en fonction de vos besoins de reliure.

Les camisoles de compression sont des vêtements technologiques et, lorsque vous choisissez un style, il y a quelques points à retenir.

Tous les binders ne compriment pas de la même manière. Consultez la liste ci-dessous pour connaître votre niveau de compression idéal !

Toutes nos camisoles de compression sont fabriquées uniquement avec des matériaux extensibles. Nous faisons cela pour qu'elles soient plus confortables et permettent plus de flexibilité et d'espace pour respirer. Mais cela signifie également qu'il y a une limite à la compression de la poitrine.

Plus le tissu mammaire d'une personne est important, moins nous sommes en mesure de créer un front complètement plat. 

Si vous choisissez un binder avec une ouverture latérale, il est important de noter qu'il faut une certaine force du haut du corps pour le fermer correctement autour du corps.

Si vous avez des épaules plus larges, nous vous conseillons d'opter pour un modèle à ouverture latérale afin de vous assurer que vous pourrez l'enfiler et l'enlever facilement. 

Si la différence entre votre poitrine et vos côtes est de 10 cm ou plus, nous vous conseillons vivement d'opter pour un modèle à ouverture latérale afin de vous assurer que le bracelet peut être suffisamment serré autour de votre cage thoracique (exemple : poitrine de 15 cm, côtes de 30 cm).

Compression maximale 

Demi-binder en filet

Demi-binder en maille ouverte sur le côté


Compression moyenne-haute

Demi-binder en Lycra

Demi-binder en lycra ouvert sur le côté 

Binder soutien-gorge en maille

Honey Binder

Binder soutien-gorge Ortie


Compression moyenne

Tank Binder

Binder soutien-gorge en lycra


Compression minimale

Binder sans bretelles à ouverture latérale


Compression douce

Binder réversible en lycra souple