Break free from binary boundaries!

Origami Customs is the only company on the market that doesn’t have a binary in undergarments because we custom-fit all of our products for FREE! We’ve pioneered brand-new fashion technology that lets us build our lingerie and swimwear to fit every body type and identity perfectly. 

Our unique customization technology means no one has to choose garments based on traditional 'Male' or 'Female' labels (or even Transfemme / Transmasc!) We literally don’t care what’s in your pants; wear whatever you want!

How it works-

We’ve invented a new system we call “gussets.” Simply put, a gusset is the piece of fabric that goes between your legs on underwear, bodysuits, swimwear, and other lingerie pieces. 

Our customization system lets you select the gusset width on every bottom. This helps let us know how much room we build into any garment, to make sure we accommodate your unique body. We want you to be able to wear each and every one of our handmade lingerie or underwear pieces, regardless of your genitalia.

Here’s how to select your gender-affirming size

When you’re selecting your item, along with your sizing you’ll see a choice of “narrow,” “wide,” or “roomy”. Those fits are as follows.

This is a work in progress and we want to hear what works for you! Feel free to drop us a line at any point.


"Standard" fit undies, usually found in a "women's" section.


The way we make all of our mesh gaffs already. Room for a penis, tuck or not. Also great if you have a vulva and want a bit of extra room.


A bit more than the wide fit. For folks with a bit more down there, or a comfier fit without a tuck.