Intersectional Identities in Health Care


I recently got asked to speak on a panel for Raritan Valley Community College. The topic was intersectional identities in health care. I was the only speaker on the panel who isn't in the health care industry. Boy, did that every trigger my imposter syndrome!

As I was going through the questions, I realized that it was very important that I was on this panel- and that the organizers saw that. By asking me to speak on my mission to provide gender-affirming underthings to assist in peoples gender journey, they were legitimizing the need for non-medical gender affirming solutions in health care. It's important in the conversation around autonomy to provide resources that cater to each person's individual idea of what gender affirmation and transition is. 

We talked about the need for both medical and non-medical options, dignity, how health care workers can show up as allies to gender diverse patients, and so much more. 

I was able to speak about not just what we do at Origami Customs, but our work in the community as well as my own personal experience as a non-binary trans person. 

I hope you enjoy watching, and please share this valuable resource with anyone in the health care industry!


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