Rae Hill, owner of Origami Customs gender affirming lingerie and swimwear in Montreal, Canada

We care about you because we are you. 

Our gender-affirming garments are designed by the trans and queer community for folks just like you.

With FREE custom sizing and clothes that help you live outside the binary, our life-changing products are made to support your freedom to be yourself.

A list of five icons about Origami Customs- "Trans owned & Trans and Queer Made," "Ethically handmade in Montreal,"Highest Quality and Perfect Fit," "Sustainably Sourced Materials," "Donations Back To Our Community."

custom sizing is always free!

Custom-fit clothing is an anomaly in this standard-sizing world. That's what makes Origami Customs special. If you're feeling overwhelmed about where to start, come WATCH the website walkthrough.

We'll walk you through common questions like how to take your custom measurements, how the products are made, and reasons why you might choose a binder or a gaff.


Worth the wait! Fits perfectly, almost cried at the euphoria of putting it on 💕


So satisfied!

I love my gaffs! They're well made, fit great, and I'm way more comfortable out in public now. Wait time was a bit long, but my inquiries were answered promptly. I highly recommend Origami Customs!


The last binder you'll ever need

The long wait was worth it! This is by far the most comfortable binder I own. With some binders, the constriction is at the forefront of my mind. But with this one, I forget I'm wearing it sometimes! Worth every single cent.


These are absolutely amazing. super breathable, comfortable, and even without tucking do a great job compressing—and with a tuck it looks great.


The best

Works better than anything else I’ve tried. Comfortable and sleek. Just perfect :)

Transfemme person wearing a black tucking underwear compression gaff with a cheeky boyshort cut with a lycra bra, photographed from the front.


Might be the best undies out there for trans women!


Origami Customs is a brand that’s entirely owned, run, and handmade by trans and queer individuals in Montreal, producing fashion that genuinely represents and supports our community. Our clothing is meticulously crafted by a small team of people who share your experiences and understand your needs.

Find us on Instagram to connect with our community.

why do your products cost more than places like amazon?

Worried about the cost? Break your purchase into several easy payments with Sezzle!

#1 Quality- Our products are made with the highest quality materials and attentive labor. Each one of our employees is a trained pattern-maker who is highly skilled in creating an item that will fit you perfectly. 

Having a high-quality, perfectly-fit item is a game-changer when it comes to compression garments. The perfect fit increases your safety and comfort for long-term wear. And the high-quality, lasting stretch materials mean that you can wear your item for years, not months. When you break down the cost-per-wear and the cost to your health, our items work out to be cheaper (and better for you!) than many poorly made products online that will be thrown out within the year.

#2 Ethics- We pay our queer and trans staff above fair wages with incredible benefits. We also source our materials as ethically and environmentally friendly as possible. We do this because we believe that changing the world starts at home. 

We’ve seen how horribly workers in the fashion industry are treated worldwide, and we’re not interested in contributing to hurting people. We’re also not interested in hurting the planet! That means our products cost more because we’re not willing to pay people pennies, but we think a clean conscience is worth the cost! Read more about our ethical practices HERE.

why do your products take so long to ship?

In a hurry? Check out our Ready-to-Ship section

If you look at the top banner on our homepage, we’ll list how long it will take to receive your product. The wait time is generally somewhere between 4-8 weeks. The main reason is that each item is made bespoke for every order. We’re committed to free customs sizing so that your compression gear fits you perfectly. But custom-made clothes take time! 

Each order needs to have the pattern tailored so that it will fit perfectly. There’s no assembly line for our products, they’re all lovingly handmade to be perfect. Read more about it HERE!

Can I protect my privacy when I’m purchasing a sensitive product?

Our privacy initiatives come standard with every order.

Absolutely! We respect your journey and care just as much about your safety and privacy as you do. Our secure website and discreet, plain packaging options ensure that your shopping experience and deliveries are safe and private. No one will need to know what you bought except for you.