How To Take Care of Your Origami

how to wash lingerie delicates


If you're like us, you want to get the most out of each garment you buy- to keep it out of landfill for longer, and make sure you get a lot of use over it's lifespan. You're shopping with us- which means you're already committed to buying ethical and sustainable options. 

Of the 100 billion garments produced each year, 92 million tonnes end up in landfills. To put things in perspective, this means that the equivalent of a rubbish truck full of clothes ends up on landfill sites every second.

On top of this, 85% of textiles are thrown away. Quite simply, fast fashion is killing our world. By buying pieces we know will fit (hello, free custom sizing!), made from sustainable and long-lasting materials, and  taking better care of our clothing, we can reduce our impact on the environment and help prevent unnecessary waste. 

Let us teach you how to make your Origami pieces last even longer, with details on how to wash them to keep them looking and feeling great for the longest lifespan possible. 

The folks at The Lab Co made this handy guide to show us how simple it is to keep your lingerie looking its best. 

This guide is perfect for any of our more delicate lingerie, especially anything with straps! Mesh gaffs, binders, and swim are good to go in the washing machine, just make sure to hang dry. 

how to wash and care for your delicates lingerie swimwear

Hand-washing (even some of your laundry loads!) helps reduce energy consumption, as well as keeping your products looking great for longer. 

how to wash and care for your delicates lingerie swimwear

Using a detergent that's biodegradable is the most gentle on our clothes and the environment. Using a detergent that's plant-derived like The Lab Co. is easier on your skin, and can reduce any harmful toxic or environmental side effects.

how to wash and care for your delicates lingerie swimwear

Be gentle! It's a good rule of thumb not to wring out your garments when hand-washing. Make sure to gently squeeze the excess water. And of course, hang to dry!

When we buy clothing, we are responsible for those items- from the way they are produced to where they end up. By taking care along that road, we can think more deeply about how we relate to the objects we buy. 

Extending the life span of our clothing is just one way that we can lessen our impact on the Earth and slow the ever-increasing need for consumption. Breathe, hand-wash, repeat 😊


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