4 Tips To Help You Find Your Fashion Style As You Begin Your Gender Transition

Clothing can be a powerful form of self-expression, especially for trans or gender-diverse people who want to express their true selves. A Vox Magazine article emphasizes that clothing  is like a second skin, which is why many transgender people undergo a style evolution as they embrace their transition. While some people love a flexible androgynous look, others are happier and more comfortable when wearing clothing that is typically more aligned with their gender identity.

When you’re embracing your true gender expression, you may feel greater comfort from following a fashion style that reflects the real you. Here’s how you can start your journey of finding your gender-affirming fashion style during your

1. Identify the clothes that bring you comfort

The best style is the one that gives you comfort. Though experimenting can be fun, it’s more important to find a style that feels more natural to you as you transition. Toronto-based genderqueer fashion designer Mic Carter highlights that clothing should empower people to feel like their truest selves. An androgynous style may feel like the expected choice for genderfluid people or people in transition, but each transgender person’s style is personal. You have to honor your true self by assessing how you feel when you’re trying on clothes. You can even start by taking a good look at your closet and finding the style that best aligns with your favorite pieces of clothing that you already have.

2. Turn to fashion icons for inspiration

If you’re finding it difficult to assess your wardrobe, you can try to find inspiration from others. Fortunately, there are plenty of fashion icons out there, making it easier for you to find styles that you like.

David Bowie is one of the best fashion icons listed by Fashionable Clothing because he defied fashion and gender norms by experimenting with new colors and styles. You can take a cue from his Ziggy Stardust persona by
experimenting with bright colors and daring onesies or copy his Thin White Duke persona by investing in sleek slacks and crisp button-ups. Another great fashion icon is Diana Ross her style epitomizes glamour and sass. She likes to go for big hairstyles and wears glimmering dresses to show that she isn't afraid to take space in the world. Even more modern personalities like A$AP Rocky are great inspirations for mixing classic outfits with vibrant colors and unexpected silhouettes.

3. Consider the best styles for your new body

A lot of changes occur during your transition, especially for those who opt for surgeries or hormones. Take note of the ways your body starts to look and feel different, so that you can find what suits your new body type the most. One easy way to find clothing that is a perfect fit for your new body is by buying custom clothing from a company that understands the specific needs of trans bodies. Our article entitled Why Buy Custom Clothing shows that your custom measurements are considered in every Origami order to help our designers create clothing that’s perfect for your unique body. These tailor-made pieces ensure that your clothes look flattering, support your body shape, and help you express your true self.

3. Reflect on how you want to be identified

How would you like your real self to be described? You can honor yourself by following a style that aligns with how you want to be seen by society. For instance, writer Kai Proschan states that their style is “feminine, cool, and a little sexy”, so they enjoy wearing an off-the-shoulder maxi dress during the day and a daring leather skirt and sports bra combo at night. Meanwhile, model Marquis Neal describes their style as “fashionable non-binary dad”, which is why they usually add eye-catching accessories like earrings or platform boots to their dressed-down outfits. Likewise, you can think of adjectives that best describe you and look at styles that reflect these adjectives. Finding your personal style can be a manageable and fun process. Treat this as a way of getting to know yourself, so that your style will reflect this exciting new chapter in your life!

Feature contributed by Aira Cindy Kelton


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