Montreal Appointments

I welcome you to book a fitting if you live in Montreal. Fittings are booked once you've already purchased an order online or have spoken to me about your idea.  You can also book a time to pick up an item that you've bought online. 
What to expect when making an appointment:
  • Studio times are 11-5/30, Monday- Friday. I am usually flexible about the time, but I only take 1-2 clients per day, so the appointments may be booked up to a week in advance.

  • Fittings take roughly half an hour.

  • I do not accept walk-ins.

  • They are in my private sewing studio, which is also my home. Please be respectful of this, and do not bring guests. 
  • I have a friendly but large dog.
  • Please wear clothes that are tight-fitting (like leggings and a tank) or please be prepared to have your measurements taken in your undies. If you're wearing padded lingerie, please be ready to remove this. You won't need to be nude.

  •  I ask that you leave a deposit of half to start a project. If you haven't already purchased your item online, make sure to bring cash or be prepared to do an E-transfer or Paypal payment before or at your appointment.
  • My partner and I live in a Gender Diverse space. I use they/them pronouns. Please be respectful of this, and we will honour your pronouns.

  •  The studio is near Mont-Royal E and Papineau, in Eastern Plateau. You will receive the address when we break your appointment 
  • Unfortunately, I can only conduct your fitting in English
  • I do not keep samples of each piece for people to try on in person. Because each piece is custom made based on your measurements, it's better to have a garment made for your body than to try to fit you to a premade size. 
  • My studio is up one flight of stairs, and the bathroom has one small step into it. The front door is quite heavy and has one step up to it.  
  • Like any appointment, please make any cancellation or change at least 24 hours in advance . Customers who do not  give notice for appointment changes, or do not arrive with no notice given, may not be offered another chance to book a fitting .
  • This is a free service that I offer, and I appreciate you treating my time (and the time it takes to prepare for your fitting) with respect. If you have a tattoo, you can imagine the same rules you would have with your tattoo artist!