As alternative, trans, non-binary and gender diverse people, we know that not everyone in the world supports our identities. And unfortunately, the holidays often put us together with people who don’t understand us. 

It’s easy to focus on the people who don’t support us, but there are people that do! (Like us!) Each of us likely has a few champions in our lives who want to help us express our truest selves. They just may not always know how.

That’s why we’ve created our new holiday gift registry. It’s an easier way to ask for the affirming products that support your identity. Let others help you be you this holiday season. 

Registre de cadeaux


Watch the walkthrough video here!

-Sign up with your email

-Go through our products, add your size, color, or other variations and click “Add to Registry”

-Send your registry link to your loved ones who want to support you. 

-We’ll make your special present and ship it to the address that you’ve entered. This could be you, or you can have it sent to someone else to keep it a surprise!

-At any point, you can return to your registry to manage your gift choices.

-You can add items from other companies too, and manage your entire registry in one place!

*Your loved one will their order in our standard 4 week window from the time of purchase. 

Want to support others this holiday season?

Donate to get help people receive free affirming gear!

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