2020- I Would Like Off This Ride Now, Please


Hey there!

What a year! With 2020 in its final death throes, we would like to update you on what's been happening at Origami Customs. Here's what's going on right now and what you can expect to see in 2021. 

You might have noticed some new items on the website- we've finally brought back some favorites from 2019 now that we can move beyond our core collection. We'll be adding more leading up to the holidays as well, including our popular Honey set, bodysuits, and core bamboo and mesh undies and bras. 

We've been able to really solidify gaff and binder production, thanks to our partnership with Co-op Couturières Pop here in Montreal. Working with them is awesome, and allows us the space to add more lingerie pieces back into the mix because we want to but more cute things on your body!

You may have also seen that our prices have recently gone up a bit. This is due to a few things. Our cost of materials goes up a bit every year, and we've also provided raises and benefits to our core production staff who have now been with us for a few years. Working with the co-op also increases our bottom line. Despite these increases, we want to keep things as accessible as possible and all our gender affirming products (binders, gaffs, and packing bottoms) are priced well below industry retail standards.

Still, we realize that the cost of buying customized and handmade products can still be prohibitive for many people. So, on that note, we've been able to expand our bursary program with Point of Pride to offer free gaffs to limited access Transfemmes. We now provide them with 100 gaffs a month that they distribute for free to their waitlist. Point of Pride also has many other programs for the trans community! Check out their website

We get a lot of questions about this, so let's talk swimwear. We don't currently have plans to bring back the swim range as it was from 2010-2019. 300+ pieces was just too many! Instead we will be focussing on releasing small capsule collections every 1-2 months. Starting in April, we will re-release some of our favorite swimwear along with some new styles in the first "Swim Capsule!" Our collections will always include affirming options (a gaff swim bottom, for example) and will blend well with our current binder and gaff options. As always, there will be a range of colours, and custom sizing remains free on all orders. 

We sincerely hope your year was less of a roller-coaster than ours was, and honestly with so many small business getting hit hard, we're just glad to still be around to serve y'all in 2021.  Thank you for all your patience and understanding during this dumpster fire of a year!

As always, take care of yourselves and others <3

Rae and the Origami Team 


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