Introducing the Ortie Eco-Friendly Capsule Collection!

      Here at Origami Customs, we know that being part of the fashion industry means being extra mindful of our impact on the environment. 

       You may already know that we're a sustainable clothing brand. All of our custom underwear is ethically handmade locally by our small team in Montreal. 
      So naturally, we also have sustainability in mind by making sure that we purchase eco-friendly materials. We carefully chose ethically sourced fabric from recycled materials, deadstock, and regenerative bamboo or modal. 
      That is how the "Ortie" eco-friendly lingerie collection was born. 
       While shopping, we came across some beautiful green elastic and saved it from becoming garbage in a landfill. It was so beautiful and had never been touched. It didn't deserve to be garbage! 
      So, using only materials we already had on hand, we created this new sensual yet comfortable capsule lingerie collection. We've recreated our most popular mesh and bamboo underwear, featuring this gorgeous green elastic in every piece. 
       Not only will you be helping the environment by repurposing materials, but you will also look and feel incredible! These ethical lingerie pieces are comfortable enough to relax in, but also spicy if you want to be. 


      We're now featuring optional gusset widths! Learn about how we're making this change to become EVEN MORE inclusive and gender-affirming! 

      An even more sustainable collection

      This collection was born from a drive to repurpose materials what were headed to the landfil. Read about how our commitment to sustainability was built in, every step of the way:

      What Makes us Ethical?

      Here at Origami Customs we’re committed to being anethical and sustainable clothing brand. We practice eco-friendly slow fashion and are focused on making sure that everything we do has a positive impact.

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