Mesh Back Tank Binder - origami-customs
Mesh Back Tank Binder - origami-customs
Mesh Back Tank Binder
Mesh Back Tank Binder - origami-customs
Mesh Back Tank Binder - origami-customs
Mesh Back Tank Binder - origami-customs
Mesh Back Tank Binder - origami-customs
Mesh Back Tank Binder - origami-customs

Mesh Back Tank Binder

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Longline style with moderate compression and convertible straps for wear under any type of top. More versatile and comfortable than a sports bra-style binder, because the straps are more hidden under tank tops. Back is semi-sheer powermesh that won't bag out, holds you in tight but allows for cool airflow on your hottest days. Switch the straps from straight down to crossed, and easily adjust them with sliders, now located in the front for easy adjustment. Take this top to the beach or pool, as it's perfectly made for a swim top as well.

-Straps are plush backed elastic and hooks are nylon coated for strength and durability
-Front is lined in power mesh for protection
-Mesh and straps comes in black or white (black is the default)

Please allow 3-4 weeks for production (plus shipping time)

Standard Sizes

All sizing in inches

             Chest    Ribs    Waist  High Hip Low Hip
XXS     30         26           25        28           33
XS       32         28           26        30           35
S         35         30           27        33           38
M        37          32          29        35           40
L         39          34          32        38           43
XL       41          36          35        40           45
1XL     44          38          37        43           47
2XL     48          41          40        46           49
3XL     52          45          44        49           52
4X       55          51          50        53           58
5XL     60          56          54        58           63

Custom Sizing    

I encourage you to send your measurements for a customized fit.  Please measure all that apply to your purchase IN INCHES and send in the "custom measurements" text box
Fit Guide - How to Measure                 Fit Guide - How to Measure
Girth: Measure from one shoulder, around the body vertically, through the legs and back to the same shoulder. Make sure you are standing tall. If your measuring tape is not long enough, you can use a piece of string and then measure that.  
Chest/Bust: Measure around the fullest part of the chest, with arms relaxed down at sides and without a bra. Keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor.
Ribs/Underbust: Around your ribcage where a bra band sits. Measure on the exhale.  
Waist: Measure around natural waistline, which appears as a crease when bending to one side.
 High Hip: Measure just over the hip bones, where you would wear a low rise bottom.
Low Hip: Measure around fullest part of the body including the butt with feet together. Keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor.
Thigh: Measure 3 inches down from the pubis around the leg circumference. 
Inseam: Measure from inside crotch seam to the ankle bone
If you find you have shorter or taller than average torso, you may want to customize the rise. You don't need to leave a rise measurement if you want it to look like the photos, and most people tend not to customize the rise, as we have already calculated the best rise for the fit of each piece. 
There are two ways to measure rise:
Lay a bottom flat. Measure vertically from the crotch to waistband while front and back waistbands are touching, to the desired rise
Take the measuring tape through the legs, holding it where the waistband will sit in the back. Measure up the stomach to where the desired waistband will sit. Divide this by 2. See the fit videos above (please note that we don't tell you to divide this number by 2 in the video!)

Average Rise Measurements
Low rise- 7''-10''
Medium Rise- 11''-13''
High Rise-  14''-17''
Extra High Rise- 18''-30''

 What to Measure

Think of everywhere your piece will touch on your body. Here are some common examples:
One-piece Swimwear, Bodysuits: Chest, ribs, waist, high hip, low hip, girth
Bras, Swim Tops, Harnesses: Chest, ribs. Do not send your bra size
Low Rise Swim Bottoms and Underthings: High hip, low hip
High Rise Swim Bottoms and Underthings: Ribs (for extra high rise), waist, high hip, low hip, rise (optional)
High rise: Waist, high hip, rise (optional)
Thong, Cheeky, Hipster: High hip
Boyshort: High hip, low hip
French: Waist, high Hip

Short Style: Chest, ribs, waist (measure unclothed)
Long style: Chest, ribs, waist, high hip (measure unclothed)
Leggings and Shorts: waist, high hip, low hip, inseam, thigh


All bottoms can be made in a Transfemme fit, although this does not offer compression. In this case, the midsection is made wider than traditional cuts, allowing a soft and comfortable fit in any of our swim and underwear bottoms. 
  A compression liner can be added to non-reversible swimsuit  by simply leaving us a note in the checkout. This offers light compression, or an additional layer when combined with a gaff worn underneath. Read more here 

Cut and Rise 

All swim bottoms, one-piece swimsuits and underwear can be customized for free. Please add this to the 'notes to seller' when you checkout. You can also add a scrunch to any style. Choose your cut and rise from the chart below.
French Cut can be made with thong, Brazilian, or cheeky coverage, with medium, high, or extra-high rise.


Compression Mesh


Binder Mesh


The thickest fabrics for more compression are Stone Ribbed, Thunder, Currant  and all Recycled Fabrics

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

This is such a nice fit, very comfortable and breathable and looks really nice under my clothes. Excellent product!

This binder is great and Rae is great and Origami Customs is...

This binder is great and Rae is great and Origami Customs is great!!


I would give this six or Seven stars if I could... everything was perfect, from customer service to delivery, and this binder... I have no words to describe the FEELS other than perfection: it fits perfectly, I can breathe normally as if I wasn't wearing anything, it compresses me perfectly, the thin straps make it wearable under everything, the mesh back is so sexy! I'm just stoked. Astounded. Completely in awe. It surpassed even my wildest expectations. Thank you so much for making my life so much easier. 💖

This binder has changed my day to day existence! I can wear...

This binder has changed my day to day existence! I can wear dresses and tanks effortlessly and comfortably, which is so important to me as a non-binary lover of fashion. I've found it doesn't compress as much as a GC2B binder does, but that's just fine by me personally! I like the shape it gives me, and that I can wear it almost all day with no discomfort, difficultly breathing, etc. (Get your binder sized correctly to achieve similar results, of course.)Thank you so, so much for this quality product. I'm excited to buy from this seller again in the future.

the fabric/seam construction is amazing (!!!) it's a binder...

the fabric/seam construction is amazing (!!!) it's a binder ofc so extended wear is not recommended, but it's definitely a good and breathable summer binder, plus it has a nice ~androgynous~ style compared to other binders. i'm personally self conscious about the strap adjustment clips peaking through my clothes but overall it's one of my favorite + preferred binders ✌👽