We are Taking a Short Break

Hello friends!

We are sorry to say that we need a little break. Just when things were up and running smoothly, one of our dear team members needed their appendix removed suddenly! Without them, we aren't able to keep up with the workload. We will take 1-2 weeks to catch up before reopening

We love that everyone is committed to shopping small, but that means we had a HUGE influx of orders that we weren't expecting! 

Orders in the lineup will go as planned with a 3-6 week wait time (we hope).  Thank you so much for all of your patience! If you're wondering where your order is in the lineup and it hasn't been 6 weeks yet, we would so much appreciate it if you hold off messaging us until it's actually passed that 6-week mark. We know you're eager for your stuff, but we can't give you any more information other than that we are doing our best to get it out on time!

Hope to see you soon!




  • Margo

    Thank you so much for doing what you do! You don’t need to respond to this. You make a real positive difference in the world, and you should know that. Love you all, be safe!

  • digit

    hi! i hope your team member recovers well, i was checking out your site while looking for gender neutral online shops, and saw that one of your team members had to get their appendix removed, and i just wanted to wish them the best. <3

  • chris

    i’ve been following your shop for so long, and i’m almost ready to start ordering! i love what you all do — thank you so much. i hope your coworker is on the mend asap! that procedure sounds so taxing..

    be well <3

  • Penny

    Thanks for all the updates, Rae. I hope you are all taking the time to care for yourselves.

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