More changes afoot!

Hello everyone!

Avishmita here! I’m one of the new additions to the Origami team, and once more we find ourselves with changes to share with you!

First and foremost, I’d like to offer a heartfelt thank you for your immense patience and support while we figure out how best to move forward and serve our community. Covid-19 and the unforeseen circumstances that came our way have highlighted the soft spots in our operations. 

We are very much experiencing growing pains! We are spending some time tending to things now so that we may come back up to capacity more resilient and with new product offerings for you.

Now for the rest.

At the start of the lockdown in Montreal, our studio was forced to  restructure and move into each of our team members’ homes. This introduced a whole new level of logistical complexity and greatly impacted the speed at which we were able to get your orders to you. 

We are now happy to be moving our operations back into our studio, while welcoming a talented new member, Kita to our sewing team!

In addition, I’m delighted to announce that we’ve started working with a sewing co-operative, Coop Couturières Pop, to help increase our production capacity! They are the only sewing co-operative in Quebec and we’re incredibly excited to be able to work with them! We’ll do a blog post telling you more about them soon, ‘coz we’re just that excited!

We are still very much catching up on the backlog, but we’re hopeful that with these changes, we’ll be able to come back to our original production time of 6 weeks fairly soon!

Once the packages leave our hands though, we’re rather limited in what we can do. Given that a lot of postal services are still warning of delays, we would highly recommend that you choose a shipping option with tracking. While there is often a significant price jump, in the case of delays, it gives us some information to work with. Especially for folk in the US - you have enough going on (don’t forget to go out and vote!) and we’d hate for a missing package to be added to that list! 

As for why you’re hearing from me instead of the Tris that we all know and love? Well, Tris and their little family have moved to the other side of Canada to follow their dreams. 

I am stepping into their mighty shoes to answer your emails and get your orders sent out to you. 

While I am excited to get to know this wonderful community (and I’ve already been wowed by the lovely emails!), I do have to ask for your continued patience while I gain my Origami sea legs. I am aware of, and unhappy about, the current slow response times to your emails and am working on ways to improve communication. At the moment, I answer emails a couple of hours on Mondays and Tuesdays and then I move onto getting orders packed and shipped. I am working on a bit of a backlog as well. So if it takes a little while to get a response, it’s not because we’re ignoring you. It’s that our very small team is working immensely hard to catch up! 

Thank you so much for being such lovely, understanding and patient folk.


Ps: here's a picture of your made-to-order pieces waiting to get sent out to you.

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