It's Time for a Change

It's Time for a Change


Hi folks, 

 I'm coming to you with a bunch of feelings! As you've probably seen over the last few months, our business has really struggled to keep up the pace while adhering to Covid distancing and regulations.

We've been blown away by how much you've shown us your commitment to buying from small, ethical, queer and trans business. We can't thank you enough! Because of this, I've come to the decision that it's not fair to make you wait as long as you are for your orders. We thought we could bring the wait time down from 6 weeks, but even with us working our hardest, it's just not possible or sustainable for the future.

I've considered many possibilities to solve this, but hiring and training during a pandemic comes with it's own challenges and limitations. We're looking into working with a local co-op so that in the future we can expand sustainably.

What I've come to is to disable all the swimwear and lingerie that's not gender- affirming for the next month or so. This takes considerable weight off of our production team so that we can focus on the things that we are most committed to - bringing customized, gender and body- affirming products to those who face access limitations.

For those were looking forward to putting in an order, but those products are gone, I sincerely apologize! We also won't be able to take on any custom projects for the time being.

If the last four months have taught us anything, I hope that it increased our patience and flexibility.  This is still a tiny operation, and we want to be able to stick around for a long time! Sometimes that means taking breaks so that we can pick it up with new innovation, more creativity, focus and passion. 

A note about gift certificates- If you have a gift certificate that you want to use  on a product that you don't see anymore- please reach out and I'll honour that by making you a custom piece, even if it's not listed here. 

Thanks you again for sticking with us through this confusing time. We had no idea that we would double our orders during a global pandemic! 

As always, take care of yourselves and each other. 

Rae xx



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